Eucharistic Adoration

Family Eucharistic Adoration: Drawing Closer to Jesus

Eucharistic Adoration is the spiritual practice of spending time in the presence of the exposed Host.

For Catholics, the Eucharist is no mere symbol of Jesus; we believe that the consecrated Host is actually the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ. We take great joy (the word Eucharist means “thanksgiving”) in having this amazing gift that we can see, touch, and even taste. It is the most profound way we experience the presence of Christ in our world today.

This time of guided prayer and song is for families who would like to learn more about Eucharistic Adoration and experience this powerful prayer time together. Adoration starts at 6:00pm and lasts approx. 30 minutes, followed by a potluck meal and fellowship in the lower level of St. Peter’s Catholic School. This will be a First Friday Vigil (Thursday night) event hosted each month (unless otherwise noted).