Registration Forms 

Please go to the section of the table with the age level of the child you are registering. You can print out the PDF forms, complete them, and bring them to the office at St. Peter's Catholic School.  

3K Program Forms

4K Program Forms

Kindergarten - 5th Grade Forms

Preschool Program Requirements 4K Program Requirements 5K Program Requirements
 Registration_Contract_2017-2018_3K.docx  Registration_Contract_2017-2018_4K.docx  Registration_Contract_2017-2018_New.docx
 Tuition_Contract_and_Addendum_2017.docx  Tuition_Contract_and_Addendum_2017.docx  Tuition_Contract_and_Addendum_2017.docx
 Home_Information_Questionnaire.docx  Home_Information_Questionnaire.docx  


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Welcome Prospective St. Peter Catholic School Families!

We are pleased that you are considering St. Peter Catholic School for your child's education and faith formation!  This choice will begin you on a partnership with staff committed to your child's spiritual growth and their academic success.

There are many important things to consider when selecting the right school for your children; let us help make it just a bit easier by giving you access to people who have experience with St. Peter Catholic School, and who can tell you of their own experiences as members of our faith community.  If you need further information, please give us a call at (608)-831-4846 or email us at


Q:  Who can I talk to if I want to learn about St. Peter Catholic School?
A: You can talk to Mrs. Klaas, our principal, or there are many families who would be happy to speak with you about St. Peter School. Mrs. Klaas, or Mrs. Meinholz, our secretary, can help you get in contact with them. Call (608)-831-4846.

You can also join our Mother's Group which meets in the school basement for coffee and fellowship until about 10:00 AM. Feel free to join us for as much time as you have available.
Future Dates:  March 3, 2017, April 7, 2017 and May 5, 2017 from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

Q:  Can I visit your school?
A: Yes, we welcome your visits. Please call (608)-831-4846 to set a time to visit, or email at

Q: What does it cost to attend St. Peter Catholic School?
A: We have both parishioner and non-parishioner rates and a fee scale that takes into account the number of children you are enrolling. Download the tuition schedule at the top of this page or view the table below.

Q: We want our child to attend St. Peter Catholic School, but we might need financial assistance.
A: We never want financial need to keep a child from solid Catholic formation. We have tuition assistance available. Please contact Principal Mrs. Klaas at 608-831-4846 to find out about this assistance.


Our Tuition Rates for 2017-18

*Annual 225.00 Book Fee per student is now included in tuition to help individuals claim full tax deduction for private school tuition.

St. Peter AND St. Martin of Tour

Full Day (5)
Full Day (3)
M, W,F
K-5 Grades
Full Day
First Child    $3,788.00 $3,394.00 $2,187.00
Second Child $2,651.00 $2,376.00 $1,400.00
Third Child $2,462.00 $2,206.00 $984.00

Non-Parishioner Rate

First Child $3,818.00 $3,586.00 $2,959.00
Second Child $2,863.00 $2,510.00 $1,924.00
Third Child $2,482.00 $2,331.00 $1,332.00


Parents of grades K through 5 students are asked to volunteer to playground duty during the school year signing up for a determined number of days.  If unavailable to do playground duty, an additional $50 fee is assessed.

Please feel free to submit an inquiry form to learn more about St. Peter Catholic School!