Scrip Program

The Scrip program is an all year-round school fund raiser. You purchase gift cards or certificates at face value for various retailers. St. Peter Catholic School receives a discount from the certificates that we purchase immediately. The school then receives the face value of the card fromyou the buyer. The profit from your total purchase of Scrip is what the school earns. As you make your routine purchases, you can easily be giving back to St. Peter Catholic School. There is no added cost to you. This is money that you are already spending. For example: If you purchase $100 of Scrip per week for Copps and $100 per week for PDQ, your total Scrip purchase per month would be $800. If you were to repeat this every month for a calendar year, the amount that you would spend would approximate to $9,600. At a average 2% profit, the school would receive $192.

Groceries $100 x 4 weeks $400
Gasoline $100 x 4 weeks $400
Per Month $800

Total $800 x 12 Months $9,600

Average Profit 2% Total Profit Earned $192

A portion of the proceeds are reinvested in the Scrip program and will help with future improvements to the school. Examples of past improvements are additions to the playground, improvements to the school facilities, and support for school functions.

NEW! Giving a gift certificate of Scrip! This is the easiest way to purchase for that hard-to-buy loved one. You may choose from hundreds of retailers and make your purchase all at once.

If you have any questions regarding the program, or if you would like to place an order, please contact Nancy Meinholz in the school office.

Note: We currently accept either cash or personal check. No credit cards will be accepted.

Once Upon A Child has just been added to the inventory.  We have $25 cards with the parish earning 10%.  Look for line item in Local Scrip providers.