Welcome from Mrs. Klaas



Principal, Kathi Klaas

St. Peter Catholic School is dedicated to the formation of Catholic School Students who are trained in the truths of the Gospel and the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • We pride ourselves on a small, close knit faith community that serves the church and the school. 
  • St. Peter's Catholic School students participate in mass three times a week; plan, lead and participate in our liturgies; celebrate the Church feast days; learn about the rich history of our saints; and are well versed in the special prayers of the Catholic faith.
  • Our religious education program is built around Mass three times a week, and teaching with the Faith and Life series which emphasizes Scripture and Catholic Catechesis.   
  • We use the Rowland Reading Program for students in Grades K-2 that builds strong readers capable of reading challenging text in the later years.  In the upper grades comprehension strategies are taught using the Classics through Guided Groups, Strategy Groups, Book Clubs, Lit Circles, Writing about Reading, and other research-based strategies.   
  • The foundation of solid math skill is developed through Saxon Math, with its step by step approach to building math understanding. 
  • St. Peter's Catholic School students know the meaning of service.  Whether students are  corresponding with servicemen, visiting the elderly, donating used clothing for the Koats for Kids drive, sending letters to seminarians, volunteering at our local fish fry, or just helping younger students in the lunchroom, at recess, or during mass our focus is on service to others.
  • We pride ourselves on making tuition affordable.  We won't let money keep anyone from a sound Catholic Education at St. Peter's School.

These are just some of the reasons for you to consider St. Peter's Catholic School. However, don't just take my word for it! Please call me and set up a time when you can visit our school.

Kathi Klaas
St. Peter Catholic School Principal